Installing the log burner

Oh I’ve been looking forward to this bit so much !!…. Working in a cold van for the last 6 months has really taken its toll on me and my friend Mark. Mark has been helping me with the conversion so when we finally got around to installing the burner it was like heaven for us […]

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20150704_204735 (1)

Fitting the roof light…

This was my first real major project on the van so I was a little nervous. There was a roof light already but it was old, dirty and leaking. The dome was also frosted and I wanted to be able to see out of it. So the first thing I did was to take out […]

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Filling holes in the bodywork.

There were a couple of holes in the floor of the van where the bathroom drain was the kitchen sink and the boiler. I needed to fix these, So the method I used was fiberglass sheets click here. Once dried there really strong and its just really easy to use. Stages of filling a hole with fiberglass Sand […]

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