Filling holes in the bodywork.

There were a couple of holes in the floor of the van where the bathroom drain was the kitchen sink and the boiler. I needed to fix these, So the method I used was fiberglass sheets click here. Once dried there really strong and its just really easy to use.


Stages of filling a hole with fiberglass

  1. Sand down the rough edges either with sand paper or a drill with a wire brush attachment, I used these click here $_57
  2. Treat the holes with a rust converter for added protection, I used this stuff click here.
  3. Once you have treated the holes they will usually be touch dry within 2-4 hours but it does depend on the conditions. The product does requires 24 hours to dry.
  4. I then painted them with a black metal paint click here (I wanted white but I had half a black tin left over) normally best to stick with the colour of you vehiclemetal paint
  5. Now your ready for the fiberglass, I used this stuff click here.
  6. Cut a peace of fiber glass so it covers the hole20150918_205005
  7. Mix the resin with the hardener and apply onto the fiber glass, make sure you use plenty and don’t be afraid of it, you will have a good 4 to 5 minutes to shape it and get it into place.. {tip cut an old plastic bottle in half to use a the mixing bowl}20150918_204955
  8. Once in place make sure you push it all down flat20150920_193030
  9. For bigger holes you can apply another sheet of fiber glass if needed 
  10. Leave to dry for 24 hours
  11. Job done 

There is also another way of filling holes, you can use this click here. Its amazing but maybe a little harder to use for someone that has no experience and I recommend it being used on much smaller holes or cracks. It drys as hard as Metal. I would recommend it as part of you SOS kit.



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