Well what can I say he’s my boy… Onyx is a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and I love him dearly and definitely couldn’t leave him behind.Screenshot_2015-09-26-22-54-40-1

I have a special bond with Onyx because I helped deliver him, I remember it like yesterday. Bora his mum went into labour and we rushed her to the vets. When she started to give birth there where some complications so the vet decided to give Bora a caesarean. There were five in the liScreenshot_2015-09-26-22-57-18-1tter and when they come out they where not breathing so we had to blow in there faces, rub there tummy’s and swing them up and down. After doing this a couple of times they all started to wiggle about and open there mouths, it was a beautiful moment. Ever since… we’ve spent every day together. He’s a great dog and loves to travel, so I hope he will enjoy his retirement. I’ve always promised him that one day I would take him to play on the

I’m sure you will see and here a lot more about Onyx throughout the blog.. 

Sadly Onyx passed away the day I was seculed to leave, he had a tumor on his spleen and when they tried to opperatite on him his heart stopped. I have his ashes with me and his spirt keeps me safe, love you Onyx… x x