Collecting her

After speaking with Mike (the man I bought the van from) we arranged a date and I booked the tickets. I asked mike to get her MOT’ed and he did and she passed, even after sitting there for a couple of years, good old girl. So the 6th June 2015 was the day I booked to pick her up it was a Saturday and a really nice on to. The weather was good and the trains were all running on time.




So from Essex to Colne it was going to take about 4 hours.I bought some refreshments and away I went…


4 long hours passed and we finally pulled into the station, at this point I started to get nervous and excited at the same time. Mike organized for someone to pick me up from the station which was really nice of him and there he was waiting for me. I jumped in and off we went. Five minutes later and we were there, we pulled into the yard and there she was, I loved her as soon as I saw her, it was meant to be.


I know she doesn’t look like much at the moment but she will be … So I payed and I was on my way.


The Journey home was good we had a little breakdown but nothing serious just a lose fuel pump bolt. She needed a good service and a little TLC spent on her. We made it back home and at this point I was really pleased she done the 350 mile drive, I need to name her !!