Finding the van

I thought this was going to be easy !

I had to find something big enough for me and a 58kg dog, and also keep it in the legal requirements of my driving license which is anything up to 3.5 tone.

I spent months browsing through Gumtree and Ebay, trying to find something not to old and most importantly not to expensive. Previously I did buy a horse box but I came to terms with the fact that it was to expensive to run slow and I needed to upgrade my license, I do miss her though, here’s a picture of her…


I spent weeks researching the different types of vans, which ones were the most reliable, ones that were good on fuel and so on. I came across the Iveco Turbo Daily which seemed to tick all the boxes, not the new shape but the old shape, it seemed solid. Its always a good sign when breakdown company’s, emergency services and army’s around the world use them. They also did a 1999 shape that was an extra long wheel base, high top with twin rear axle(4 wheels at the back) good for the weight and if you get a puncture you can still drive somewhere safe to fix it. On the downside its going to cost a little more in fuel.

So the hunt began every day I was searching for that particular model but soon realised they were really desirable and everyone that listed one, it sold straight away and for more than the asking price. I kept getting outbid and offers refused. And then one morning I woke up and thought lets see if any were listed over night and guess what I found one, It was perfect, it had no windows in the sides (click here to see security measures) and a couple of old skylights in the roof. It had one bid for £300, I was so excited I had a feeling this was going to be the one.

It was on a 3 day auction ending on a Sunday so cut a long story short Sunday came and I was in the office with only 15 minutes to the end of the auction and still no interest, this was it she’s going to be mine, I pressed that poor refresh button 100’s of times and finally it was a minute to go 50,40,30,20 and at that stage I made my first bid and became the winning bidder 15,10,5 and guess what she SOLD to me 🙂 I was ecstatic and started jumping around the office, I was really happy.

I was now a little closer to my Dream…