Fitting a roof light

This was my first real major project on the van so I was a little nervous. There was a roof light already but it was old, dirty and leaking. The dome was also frosted and I wanted to be able to see out of it.20150613_175806

So the first thing I did was to take out the old sky light and measure the hole. It was 400x400mm which is a standard size for most motor home sky lights so it was easy to find a replacement, but not so easy to find a replacement with a clear dome, so here it is click here.

Stages of fitting my roof light

  1. Either cut a hole by making a cardboard template of the measurements or as in my case the hole was already there so just a straight swap20150704_204735 (1)
  2. Remove old skylight and all mastic, you can use a scraper like this one click here20150704_201751
  3. Thoroughly clean the surface with white spirit click here, its important to make sure the surface is free of all old mastic or the new mastic will not bond very well
  4. Make sure all surfaces are dry
  5. In some cases you will need to make a small frame for the skylight inner frame to sit in like this one 20150822_193040
  6. Mastic click here the the roof light and fix into position, don’t be shy, put plenty on you need to get a good waterproof bond20150822_191116
  7. Fix the inner part of the roof light frame either to the wooden frame( which you would need to make see stage 5 ) or you can just screw directly into the outer part of the roof light.20150822_111351
  8. Mastic around all edges20150822_195219 (1)
  9. Place something on top of the roof light just to allow the mastic to set properly, I used a couple of old tires just make sure its not to heavy.20150822_192813
  10. Enjoy the views …


One tip, make sure you can get good access to the roof, it makes all the difference, here is a picture of my setup for your amusement, a fork lift, a ladder and a pallet to sit on