Insulating the van

Insulating any space your living in is probably one of the most important things you can do to allow you to be comfortable. Taking this seriously and choosing the best insulation will provide you a space where you can feel at home. For me I needed to keep the van cool during the hot summer days because of Onyx and warm at night for us both.

I probably spent most time on researching different types of insulation than any other part of the conversion.

So the key to good insulation is:-

  1. A good R-value
  2. Breathable
  3. Reflective
  4. Air tight
  5. Vapour resistant
  6. Mold resistant

So your all probably wondering who I went with, its a company could ACTIS INSULATION  who are now the European market leaders in the sector of thin multifoil insulation.

Its ticked all the boxes and after getting about 10 different samples it came out on top, plus there technical department was willing to help me so much more than everyone else and Margy in head office is fantastic. 

The particuallr insulation I went for was the HCONTROL

So a big thanks to ACTIS INSULATION and if your thinking about insulating a conversion or in fact anything just get in touch with them.


When you start to insulate its pretty straight forward, simply take measurements of each panel cut them to size and put them in. The only tools you will need is a special cutting knife which Actis supplied to me, a straight edge and a aluminum tape to hold the insulation into place. Any good aluminum tape will do, but make sure its aluminium tape there are lots of cheap imitations. 




Cutting Knife


Aluminum Tape

So I was now ready to install the insulation, here a couple of pictures…


20150911_222314 (1)



That was a cold night and he chose Actis over the foam cushion 🙂