Treating the rust

Treating the rust (inside)

I had to treat the rust, There were so many products on the market I just didn’t know where to start. I found one that a friend of mine uses, so I gave it a go. Its called Aquasteel and if you have a read up on it, it seems pretty impressive stuff 

Stages of rust removal

  1. Remove the rust (wire brushes or you can use a power tool with a wire brush attachment) I used these click here 20150903_191027
  2. Treat the rust with a rust converter Aqualsteel it goes a really cool colour 20151004_182639
  3. Let it dry for a day 
  4. I then painted it with a black metal paint click here (I wanted white but I had half a black tin left over)metal paint
  5. Problem solved once the paint has dried it can be lightly sanded or in my case boarded over with plywood.


If you need to repair rust to the outside of the vehicle or there are holes to be filled look at my method  click here